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When I first heard about SEO reseller packages I immediately thought of my friend Ben who lives and works in San Diego. Ben owns a small IT services company and employs about 15 people. He offers networking, web development and IT services to other small business in the greater San Diego area. So I called Ben and asked him if he offers SEO reseller packages to his clients. I was sure the answer would be a quick “yes.” I was surprised when he said no. And I was even more surprised to find out that while he knew what SEO (search engine optimization) was, he was not quite sure what SEO reseller packages were. I explained to Ben that as an IT service provider, he could offer SEO to his current and future clients simply by becoming and SEO reseller. If you are unsure what SEO reseller packages are then let me put it to you like this: The grocery store offers a service to it’s customers – they buy groceries and resell them to you. In essence, the grocery store is a grocery reseller. So, as an SEO reseller, you purchase SEO services from an established SEO company and then you turn around and “resell” the SEO service. SEO reseller packages add to the services you can sell! This was very appealing to Ben. As a small IT services company he certainly does not have the infrastructure to jump straight into the SEO market. However, as an SEO reseller, he can now add the the list of services that his organization can provide. Adding SEO reseller packages to his pallet can allow him to offer services that his bigger competitors do while at the same time adding revenue to his own business. Ben is now doing what anyone interested in purchasing SEO reseller packages should do, he is researching SEO companies and finding out which ones are reputable and seeing just what services they provide. So if you’re in the IT services business, and you don’t already offer some kind of SEO service to your clients, then perhaps you should consider SEO reseller packages. If you are linked with the right SEO company then you can add strength to your business and revenue to your bottom line by purchasing¬†Seo reseller packages and offering SEO to your clients.

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